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About Sinoasia Group

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About Us

A group of experienced professionals in risk, insurance, & reinsurance management in China with the vision for growing from Asia to serve with global perspective.
Sinoasia Alliance Group Limited was established in 2011. Since then, with support of allied partners, Sinoasia has been developed into an international group of companies covering insurance and insurance-related businesses with its headquarters in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.
The trade name of Sinoasia Alliance Group is “Sinoasia Group”, Your Trusted Partner for evolving ideas on consultancy for corporate, risk  and insurance management solutions in this ever changing and  dynamic business place.
The logo is an abstract “S” representing Sinoasia Group moving forward.  The colours of the logo represent the four avenues of business, namely Broking, Consultancy, Insurance and Services.


Our Strategic Mission is to achieve our Strategic Vision by providing unique products and professional services in the following avenues of services:

  1. Insurance and Reinsurance Broking

  2. Business Consultancy to enterprises

  3. Insurance and Reinsurance companies and facilities

  4. Services to support insurance operations


As Your Trusted Partner, our Strategic Vision is to provide unique and dependable global solutions on business risk management to clients and returning satisfied clients.

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Peter Choy

Executive Chairman

Competitive Edges

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Compliant-minded yet Flexible
Compliance is the most important part of our code of professional conduct. While we are committed to complying with the laws and regulations of every country or territory in which we operate, we are flexible in our operations and procedures for our clients and us to be in compliance with those laws and regulations. 
Prudent yet Dynamic
We are a group of dynamic professionals who takes actions with prudence against the ever-changing business environment. To err is human, our team can go with all changes but still can tread carefully on the pace of business developments.

Experienced yet Energetic
Our employees consist of the experienced, the up and coming and the promising young talents.  At the group level which is the command and intelligent centre, we assemble a diverse group of professionals with skills from different dimensions. They generate strategies and concepts for the development of Sinoasia and support the energetic operation units and teams.  We have a good mixture of experienced and energetic employees.
Conventional yet Innovative
Whilst we provide conventional risk and insurance products and services to our clients, we also come up with innovative products and services to cope with the fast-changing world today and to meet the needs of our clients. We are at present one of the leaders, if not the leader, rather than a follower in the risk and insurance management industry in Asia and around the world. 

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Paul Lam

Director, Strategic Planning

Our Global Presence

Global presence in all our current and potential markets is an essential element of our business strategy. We are present in all regions where our customers are active, so that we can respond as effectively as possible to their needs. Our wide geographical coverage enables us to identify and respond swiftly to new trends and opportunities.

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